Zinc’s platform has features purpose-built for companies with workers in the field, including:

All Mode Communication: Zinc is the only platform that allows employees to communicate 1:1 or in groups via messaging, voice/video calls, conference calls, share files, photos location and Push to Talk. One platform, All Modes.

Broadcasts: Top-down broadcast alerts allow enterprises to close the gap between field teams and corporate. Zinc's Broadcast feature allows you to reach the workforce in real time, keeping employees informed and efficient.

Communication Analytics: Analyze real-time visual charts about communication trends and patterns. Correlate with employee performance and close any information gaps so everyone stays informed and productive

Powerful Administrative Tools: Put Zinc to work for your business with end-to-end encryption, custom privacy and data retention settings, user access management and mass notifications.

Secure Foundation: Loved by users, trusted by the Enterprise. Zinc protects, scales and enhances an organization’s communication strategy. Zinc is HIPAA, TRUSTe, FIPS 140-2 and SOC 2 compliant, amongst other certifications.

Customize Options

Shared Events  

  • Update Kloudless: Send file change events to Kloudless (Created, Uploaded, Moved, Copied, Deleted)