UX Write brings an unrivalled feature set and usability experience for working with your documents to both the iPad, iPad Mini, and iPhone.

Based on industry standard HTML5 technology, with top-class support for Microsoft Word (.docx format) documents, UX Write provides everything you need to work on your business report, research paper, or book - any time, any where.

Features include styles, headings, figures, tables, cross-references, extensive formatting options, and a highly innovative on-screen keyboard that makes editing a breeze. And this is just the beginning - UX Write is under rapid development with many exciting features planned for future updates.

To use with Box, there are two options:

1. Use the built-in box support, and let UX Write take care of file synchronisation itself. To set this up, launch UX Write, select the Box icon, and follow the prompts to enter your username and password.

2. Use the native Box app for iPad. Tap the '+' button to create a file, select UX Write and the file format to use (e.g. docx), and you'll be taken to UX Write to create your document. Then press "Close" and then "Save to Box". You can also edit existing HTML and docx files that you already have on Box.

For more detailed instructions, see the following:
or checkout this video: