TextCenter is a plain text editor providing a clean user interface and a set of features useful when writing, editing and formatting text on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


- Extended keyboard for fast access to symbols often needed to create Markdown tags, undo and redo (iPhone), arrow keys to navigate through the text, tab key and a key to preview the formatting result.
- Import and export documents from and to other Apps on your iOS device
- Duplicate a document to continue working on a copy
- Save and load text selections through the copy/paste menu
- Tweet selected text no longer than 140 characters (requires Twitter account set up in the iOS settings)
- Email plain text, formatted text or attachment
- Print using AirPrint (plain text and formatted text)
- Preview formatted text, copy HTML code
- Word count and character count
- Automatic list continuation
- Additional swipe-gestures to move the cursor to previous or next character (one finger), undo and redo (two fingers)
- Support for TextExpander touch
- Support for Buffer (
- Post to Tumblr

- Box: Create and edit text files starting in Box App (iPad version)

- Adjust brightness of editing view (pinch gesture when keyboard not shown)
- Transform selected text to uppercase or lowercase through the copy/paste menu

Checkout this video for more info: