Can’t remember the names, roles and stance of your meeting attendees? Meeting Mapper makes it easy to remember these key data points. In addition, you can take meeting notes both text and audio. You can schedule next steps and action items and take pictures to add them to your notes. Once your meeting is completed you can save to Box and share to your team, to ensure everyone is working in the same direction.

In almost every Top 10 or Top 5 List of Mobile Business Apps for 2013, Meeting Mapper and Box are almost always listed together. The reason is very clear, both of the apps are the best at what they do. Meeting Mapper takes gathering and documenting meetings and interactions with your customers or teams to a new level, in an intuitive and easy to use interface. Not only are you gathering notes, but data and information to build your 'Actionable Intelligence', you are gathering attendees Stance, Role, Level of Participation, individual notes on attendees during the meetings to build and refine your strategy. You will know before you leave a meeting if it was a good meeting.

Combined with Box and its ability share all your meeting securely to all your team members, you can now collaborate on the ‘Actionable Intelligence’ gathered in your meetings and interactions with your customers. This collaboration, allows you to build strategy and keep everyone informed in the organization. Gone are the days of team members operating in a vacuum, share your static 'Big Data' so it becomes ‘Agile Business Intelligence’ to drive revenue or bring the successful completion to your projects. The power of Meeting Mapper and Box gives you the competitive advantage. Bring your ‘Agile Business Intelligence’ in Box, so your team can think outside the box.