Tired of searching documents, wikis, and software solutions to find the answers you need at work? Meet Lessonly Knowledge.

Connect Knowledge
Lessonly Knowledge is a browser extension. It’s the fastest way to find and capture knowledge at work. Since searching for internal documents is frustrating, we built Lessonly Knowledge to be a single source of truth for all your training, file, and information needs.

Search Smarter
Unify search across disparate tools like Lessonly, Google Drive, Slack, Confluence, and Dropbox to make them easily accessible. Think of it like Google for your internal knowledge.

Share Faster
Deliver solutions faster by quickly searching and sharing answers, documents, and articles when and where questions get asked.

Save Time
Build a searchable and accessible database of answers to repetitive questions that come up in your everyday work, thus replacing sticky notes, text snippets, frequently accessed data, instructions, and procedures.

16+ Integrations
Instantly connect existing knowledge and documentation from Lessonly Google Drive, Confluence, Dropbox, Box, GitHub, Trello, Evernote and more.

Over 800,000 sales reps, support agents, marketers, founders, and remote workers across 7,000 teams rely on Ollie to find information faster at work.

Lessonly Knowledge is a paid software platform. You can learn more at

If you think Lessonly Knowledge could help your team, book time with us. We’d love to chat!